Ordering spare parts through API Suppliers


In the CARBOOK software, the user has the ability to perform four main actions using the API of the providers. First of all, he can easily get the current purchase prices of the items by passing the item code in vendor format.

In addition, the user can check the availability of a specific product at branches using its unique code. Another important possibility is the transfer of the order to the supplier, where the user can specify the code of the product, its quantity and price in order to make a purchase quickly and efficiently.

A window for getting prices and availability, as well as ordering parts through the supplier API.

In addition, CARBOOK provides an opportunity to receive a list of expense invoices from a supplier at a service station and upload the selected invoice to a revenue warehouse document via the suppliers API. This feature allows you to retrieve product details, including product code, purchase price and quantity, for further use in the service station's internal accounting.

The window for receiving invoices from the supplier via the supplier's API.