The advantage of our software



Everyonedata on remote European servers
Automatic backup at the server level
Multi-level data protection against hacking

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Order and scaling

Order and scaling

No matter how many stations you have or
how many lifts, you will always be able to adjust the work as needed.

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Control and profit

Control and profit

You always have the necessary reports to analyze the station, and understand exactly where the profit is lost and change the approach.

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Surprise customers with a new level of service and communication

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From a computer in the office, from a mobile phone in the remzone, from a tablet on vacation.
Full functionality on any device.
All you need is an Internet connection

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Thanks to the use of software from Karbuk, you get the experience of many stations, use work directories, standard hours, ready-made work sets and much more.

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7 Min

Tomysh Dana "Autoservice PRO.CTO.UA UZ"

"We have been cooperating with CARBOOK for many years. The company's specialists provide high-quality technical support and, if necessary, solve problems. Always in touch. Great guys and professionals in their field. It is very nice to work with such people and I want to stay with such reliable support."

1 Min

Olexander Litenko

Anyone who owns Autoservice eventually comes to the point that if they don't use the accounting program, they lose control over their own business and almost completely lose such a concept as profit. And such a concept as recording at a service station, or correct transfer to another time or day, is almost impossible on many services. I myself was in such circumstances - I signed up, arrived, but sorry, you have to wait... And this is just a small list of what we quickly fixed in ourselves when we finally integrated the carbook, and some things that we did not know about, or did not hear about when the presentation took place, in general impressed us!!! This is an SMS notification to the client. And this is the automation of business processes! And a lot more can be listed in this review, but it's better to try it once and many questions simply disappear, and if you don't understand what I'm talking about, then you probably just have an ordinary garage and it's not your level.

6 Min

Tatyana "StarGarage"

" One of the most convenient CRM systems that I have ever used. It is intuitively clear, but if you learn, the functionality surprises with its diversity. It is convenient that the "head" of the salary calculation takes away. You wrote the rule once and enjoy the ready-made beautiful reports. Warehouse - it is convenient to track the movement of spare parts. SMS to customers - increases their loyalty. The possibility of submitting an order for approval avoids misunderstandings. Thank you for such a convenient service!"

2 Min

Oleg "AvtoDrug"

"I watched the growth of CARBOOK for two years at various events where presentations were held, but I still couldn't dare. There were hesitations that it is "online", then that my car service is small, only three workplaces, so ""is there a need for a program of this level at all?"". But, when a specialist in the selection of spare parts appeared in the staff, the question became very urgent, so how the manager had to somehow communicate with the specialist. At one of the regular events, he got to know CARBOOK more closely and all hesitations have passed!!! I have been using it for almost six months, only positive emotions!!! I want to note the very active technical support of the CARBOOK team in solving any issues, the integration of the CARBOOK software with other programs, the constant growth and improvement of the product by the team! !! Well done, keep it up!!!"

3 Min

Lydia "Sprinter"

"When we started working in the CARBOOK program, to be honest, there was a slight mistrust, and now we can't imagine working without this program. Everything is built simply, logically and accessible. There are enough reports and various chips to facilitate the work of the service station. What is especially pleasing is the almost round-the-clock support of their specialists. Our Artem is always in touch and promptly solves our questions. We are sincerely grateful to the developers of the program and look forward to the introduction of new products."

Why choose CARBOOK?

P1 Min

Serhiy, Director of STO
Service station on the street Tankopia 1/2

Feedback on working with CARBOOK from the service station on the street. Tankopia 1/2, Kharkiv.


Viacheslav, Director of STO
Service station Avto Maximum

Feedback on working with CARBOOK from Avto Maximum (Kharkiv)

P3 Min

Ruslan, STO director
Service station Liqui Moly

Feedback on working with CARBOOK from Liqui Moly service station (Kyiv)

Ivan Min

Ivan, Owner of a car service
Service station Power Service

Feedback on working with CARBOOK from Power Service (Kharkov)

Getting started is very easy

Leave a request by clicking the try button

Leave a request by clicking
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We will conduct a presentation,
provide test access, help choose a package

We will configure the system for you

We will configure the system for you

We will help transfer data to CARBOOK. We will set up the works directory, sets of works and spare parts

We will train your employees

We will train your employees

We will help employees learn to work with CARBOOK.

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See prices * Payment in hryvnias according to the current exchange rate


Binotel API

Receive calls from customers to the CARBOOK system

API Checkbox


EDRTZ database

The unified state register of means of transport. Automatic vehicle recognition by state. number.

BusMarket API

Check prices and order goods from the supplier and receive invoices in the CARBOOK program.

Omega API

Check prices and order goods from the supplier and receive invoices in the CARBOOK program.

API Elite

Check prices and order goods from the supplier in the CARBOOK program.

Inter Cars API

Check prices and order goods from the supplier and receive invoices in the CARBOOK program.

VIN drawing

Exact selection of spare parts.


Check prices and order goods from the supplier and receive invoices in the CARBOOK program.

Vodafone API

Sending SMS

Cash Desk API


TecDoc API

Search for spare parts by car brands and models, product groups, original parts numbers

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