Car diagnostics

VIN Diagnostic Tool - Provides access to vehicle schematics and necessary diagnostic steps. After inspection of the system, parts with original numbers will be available for further use in repairs.

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The ability to diagnose a vehicle by its VIN enables the identification of the unique part code that needs replacement either immediately or in the future. This window allows marking specific checkpoints and promptly provides the original part code from the VIN-linked drawings.

Diagnostics of the car by vin - the possibility of determining the original code of the spare part that needs to be replaced now or in the future.

In the 'VIN diagnostics' section of the work order, there is a visual breakdown of diagnostic zones.

Diagnostics vin tab in the order, visually separated diagnostic areas.

The system allows you to work immediately from the program or print a letter for manual verification.

Creating a calculation after the vin diagnostics is done — a ready list of work and spare parts with the original code.

A printed report of the conducted VIN diagnostics with notes for immediate replacement and recommendations.

A printed report of the vin diagnosis, with notes for replacement, is now recommended.