Car review


When the client arrives at the service station, specialists receive his car, inspect it and record its current condition. After that, the vehicle is handed over to specialists who carry out repairs or maintenance according to the list of works agreed with the client. In the CARBOOK system, this can be done directly in the program.

The window for viewing cars and fixing the state of the car when receiving — transfers

In order to leave a comment, you need to double-click on the required place of the vehicle, and choose a quick option or type a comment manually, which will be automatically entered in the act of acceptance and transfer of the vehicle with the label displayed on the vehicle.

Entering information about the condition of the car.

After adding comments to the system, print the ready act of acceptance and handover of the vehicle, to be signed by the client and the responsible person from the service station.

A printed act of acceptance and transfer of the car with marked notes.