"Order and scale: the flexibility of setting up maintenance services with CARBOOK"

Regardless of the size of your car service or the number of lifts, the CARBOOK software offers a unique opportunity to customize the operation according to your specific needs. It is a platform that allows you to manage all the activities of the service station in the most efficient way.


One of the key advantages of the software is its flexibility. Whether it's a single service station or an entire network, you can tailor processes and workflows exactly to your unique requirements. Scaling functionality allows you to adapt the program to the current volume of work and production capabilities, so that everything works as efficiently as possible.

Thanks to CARBOOK, you will be able to effectively organize the work of mechanics, plan maintenance, keep records of spare parts and carry out repairs. The flexibility of the system allows you to adapt it to your individual needs, providing an optimal working environment even when the volume of work increases.

Example, setting up a repair map for the work of master receivers, mechanics and spare parts specialists.

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