"Service at a new level: How CARBOOK is changing communication with customers"

CARBOOK is not just software for service stations, it is a tool that helps raise the level of service and efficiency of communication with customers to a whole new level.

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One of the key aspects of CARBOOK is the ability to enhance communication with customers through automation and personalization. The system provides a convenient interface for communicating with customers via SMS, e-mail or other communication channels convenient for them.

Clients receive SMS messages with reminders about the terms of maintenance or readiness of the car. Automatic notifications allow you to remind about the need for maintenance or repair, which helps to increase the level of service and maintains communication with customers.

In addition, the CARBOOK system allows you to conveniently track the service history for each car, which facilitates the work of craftsmen and makes communication with customers more trusting and personalized.

The car card contains information about characteristics, repairs, standard hours, recommendations, and more.

Thanks to CARBOOK, you can impress customers not only with the quality of repairs, but also with a new level of communication and service, which raises your service station to a higher level of competitiveness in the car maintenance market.