Warehouse accounting

Effective warehouse accounting in CARBOOK provides a wide selection of product categories, from classic suspension parts to non-standard spare parts. The search system offers a convenient search by name, simplifying the process of finding the desired products.

Warehouse division - creation of cells, ordering and receiving goods for storage and other warehouse operations.

Various pricing models, including fixed price, markup, margin, and others, allow you to flexibly adjust the cost. The head of the service station can set the rules for closing the order with a margin or markup, control the profitability of employees and see notifications about critical orders.

Different pricing models, including fixed price, markup, margin and product group, allow for flexible cost control.

Accounting of revenue and expenditure operations according to the FIFO principle allows you to clearly track the origin and cost of each sold product. Automated document flow with suppliers, control over the remaining goods in the warehouse and replenishment of stocks at the required level ensure effective inventory management and make inventory as simple as possible."

Adding goods from the warehouse to the order.

Working with spare parts

Spare parts window — work with spare parts from different orders.