Cash Register, Bank, Fiscal Registrar (RRO), VAT

Reporting and financial management are crucial aspects of successful businesses. In CARBOOK, these processes become much more convenient and efficient. The system provides the ability to work with cash operations created for various types of enterprises.

Work with different details in one program — LLC, FOP, and others.

Software cash registers from та are also available, allowing the import of fiscal operation checks directly into the system.

A window for working with various cash registers, both internal and for working with PRRO.

The ability to view VAT transactions in a special journal simplifies control over incoming and outgoing VAT operations. All these functions enable the automation of various monetary operations within a unified system.

Window — VAT registration log — both incoming and outgoing transactions are registered.

Thanks to various journals and reports, users can easily monitor all financial actions. CARBOOK is the tool that streamlines financial operations and ensures their efficient management.