CRM - Interactions in CARBOOK: convenient documentation and meeting planning system

In modern business, where maintaining productive interactions with customers and suppliers is crucial, a proper CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is an integral part of successful operations. CARBOOK goes beyond the ordinary CRM, providing enhanced functionality in the realm of interactions.

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Interactive Interactions Documents (IAC): In CARBOOK, each interaction with customers and suppliers is recorded as an Interactive Interaction Document (IAC). This allows storing all information about contacts, agreements, and plans for the future. IAC becomes a vital tool for those who conduct lengthy negotiations and make agreements.

Customer interaction document containing the entire history of contacts with the counterparty, as well as future planned contacts.

Settings of the Interactions Directory: The CARBOOK Interactions Directory allows configuring options for categories, types, interaction types, and statuses of interaction lines. The first two columns of this directory are entirely custom options to optimize working with interactions, allowing you to create your own list for convenience.

Settings of the Interactions Directory, categories, types, and statuses.

Convenient Access and Filtering: Each interaction is stored in a document with the IAC type, displaying the current statuses of each document, creation date, full name, dates of past and future contact, and the latest comment with the counterparty. There is a searchable field and filtering for quickly finding the necessary interaction, making CRM work as convenient and efficient as possible.

Interactions directory – a list of IAC documents, with filters by date, status, performer, and more.

CARBOOK provides not only means to store essential information but also ensures convenience in conducting negotiations and managing interactions with key stakeholders. Choose efficiency and innovation with CARBOOK CRM for your business.

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