Import of Incoming Invoices into Purchase Orders

Looking for an effective way to manage inventory in your auto service? CARBOOK offers a convenient feature: importing incoming invoices directly from the supplier into purchase orders.


CARBOOK's functionality streamlines the process of adding spare parts. Instead of manually inputting each part, the software allows importing a complete list of details from the supplier's incoming invoice directly into the purchase order. This optimizes workflow, ensuring accuracy and saving time by avoiding manual data entry.

Settings window for importing the incoming invoice.

The system comes with built-in templates for importing invoices, ensuring a seamless transition of parts from the supplier's invoice to the purchase order. Additionally, users can create and customize templates manually, providing flexibility in configuring the import process to meet specific needs.

A window with an imported invoice from Omega

This feature not only simplifies inventory management but also enhances accuracy, directly incorporating the supplier's incoming invoices into the purchase order. Enjoy the convenience and efficiency of importing incoming invoices into purchase orders effortlessly with CARBOOK.

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Ready to optimize inventory management? Experience the ease and speed of importing incoming invoices into purchase orders with CARBOOK.