Parts Operations in Work Orders: Efficient Management and Quick Workflow

CARBOOK software is designed with the specific needs of automotive service stations in mind to ensure a quick and efficient process when dealing with spare parts within work orders. One of the system's key features is the ability to search for parts specific to a vehicle either by product group or through VIN drawings. Directly within the work order window, you can order and accept parts into inventory, automatically generating necessary warehouse documents.

Operations with spare parts in order-order.

The "Parts" section contains a range of useful tools for swift part management. Here, you can assign a parts specialist, change status, or update prices. Additionally, tools for reserving parts for specific work orders in inventory are available.

The "Import" function allows for quick addition of parts to the work order by uploading rows from the supplier's invoice, facilitating instant inventory updates.

Adding spare parts to the outfit-order.

CARBOOK provides simple and efficient tools for handling parts directly within work orders, optimizing parts management processes and ensuring seamless operations at automotive service stations.