Positions, Salary Rules, Complex Salary Configurations

In the "Salaries" module of CARBOOK, we offer a wide range of functionalities related to salary setup and management. Our capabilities include salary calculations considering margins and accurate calculation according to job types.

Window for creating new salary rules

We provide flexibility in parameter settings such as "Quantity," "Amount," or "Percentage." Additionally, our system takes into account various aspects including discounts, percentages with two decimal places, and a breakdown of the "Work Order" base by mechanics and subcontractors. We allow for the assignment of work classes, enabling accurate salary calculation when adding jobs through diverse sources. Our system ensures accurate discount accounting in all rules and statuses, and it provides clear overall reports for all employees with corresponding headers and summaries.

Setting the rules for calculating wages for a specific employee

CARBOOK - your reliable partner in complex salary configurations and employee management.

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