Inventory Management System, Automatic Ordering, and Product Returns

Transparency and precise inventory management in an auto service are crucial for efficient operations. CARBOOK houses an inventory management system that automates ordering and product returns.


One of its key functionalities involves setting the required quantity of products in stock. For each product, a minimum quantity can be specified; when reached, the system automatically generates orders from the supplier. Additionally, default supplier settings for each product streamline the ordering process.

Adjusting the storage of goods in the required quantity from minimum to maximum

The system facilitates automatic returns to the supplier if a specific product remains inactive for a defined period, and its quantity exceeds the set maximum. This mechanism helps prevent overstocking and optimizes inventory levels.

A report on product balances, with the available quantity in reserve, in stock and the amount for each product.

In addition, the system provides diverse reports to track products requiring decisions on ordering or return to the supplier. This fosters transparent inventory management and aids in making informed inventory decisions.

Product search window for returning balances to the supplier

CARBOOK establishes an effective inventory management system, automated ordering, and product returns, simplifying processes and optimizing inventory control in auto services.