Flat-Rate Hours and Car Information

CARBOOK is an innovative system that provides detailed technical information for efficient car servicing. With the system's built-in VIN query, obtaining necessary torque specifications, recommended tire pressures, service intervals, and other essential information has become a quick and straightforward process.

Information for maintenance on a specific car

One of CARBOOK's pivotal functionalities is integrating a labor guide providing manufacturer-calculated flat-rate hours. Adding custom flat-rate hours for specific tasks from the system's comprehensive job list streamlines planning and estimating the time required for a particular job.

With CARBOOK's functionality, you not only receive updated technical information about the car but can also configure custom flat-rate hours for various types of tasks, ensuring the system's flexibility and adaptability to your auto service's unique needs.

Standard hours for a specific car in the order-order.

Automotive maintenance becomes more efficient and accurate with CARBOOK, providing access to exhaustive information and tools to optimize work processes.