>Workshop Locations and Responsible Storage with CARBOOK

When it comes to workshop facilities, precise monitoring of vehicle storage locations is crucial. With CARBOOK, this becomes possible. The system grants you control over locations, ensuring accurate tracking of each vehicle's whereabouts.

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Locations at service stations, acceptance of a vehicle at a location or transfer to another, creation of an act of acceptance and transfer

The versatility of this feature lies in its ability to create and customize various locations for different purposes. For example, setting daily rates for post-repair storage or during test drives is effortlessly manageable.

Locations at service stations, editing and creating new locations

Additionally, there's a "responsible storage" functionality, allowing efficient management of warehouse processes, particularly storing client parts or tires and generating necessary documentation.

Responsible storage — creation of warehouse documents and the possibility of adding a service to an order.

All of these capabilities are made accessible through the CARBOOK software, simplifying and systematizing location management and storage at workshops.