Scheduling posts


The functionality of the program on the site allows you to organize the workload of the service station by planning the gradual workload for mechanic mechanics. You can view the daily load of posts and created orders that are not assigned to a specific post. All posts are displayed on a single screen, different colors indicate different statuses of car repair. From the planner, you can quickly go to the order-order or get complete information about the repair.

Scheduler window - download for a specific day, week and separate daily download for the mechanic.

The program on the site provides the possibility of planning for locksmiths-mechanics. The locksmith can clearly track the cars that are scheduled to be repaired today, tomorrow and in the future. You can change the artist simply by dragging a card from one line to another. The execution time can be changed by changing the size of the card in the corresponding row. Hovering over a specific card will provide information about the job and the vehicle on which the job is to be performed.

Mechanics scheduler - daily download with indication of specific work and required time for completion