Specialized Workspaces for Mechanics, Parts Specialists, and Cashiers

There are specialized workspaces within CARBOOK designed for various station employees. Interested in learning more about these specialized workspaces in CARBOOK for station employees?

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Mechanic workplace — shows the job title, start time, and current workload.

Mechanics have access to a scheduler that displays the start and end times for each task specifically assigned to them.

Spare parts window - Spare parts in operation, also separate tabs for spare parts that need to be ordered or returned to the supplier.

Parts specialists have their own "Parts in Work" window, where they can review all necessary details to be found, ordered, and handed over for installation in the workshop.

Window for working with cash registers, internal and fiscal operations. Opening and closing the cash register, service entry and service issue, generation of X-report.

Cashiers also have their window to work with different cash registers, monitor transaction counts, open, and close shifts.

Thus, each position has the appropriate tool for efficient work.