Webinars by CARBOOK: overview and future plans

CARBOOK offers an active participation in webinars where a team of experts unveils the program's new features, shares the latest developments, and outlines future plans. One of the leading speakers in these webinars is the manager, Oleksandr Nikolenko, who shares invaluable experience in managing auto services gained from top professionals in the field.

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The recent webinars covered topics such as "Effortless Payroll", where important questions were discussed:

▪️ How FIFO method works and why the system changes the purchase price when accounting for documents and what to do about it.

▪️ Organizing cash flows with 100% control over funds while maintaining flexibility.

▪️ Explanation of terms like "accountability" and "working capital," as well as handling debtor and creditor debt.

▪️ Configuring and recording payroll payments, managing advances, invoices purchased by employees for personal use, and other non-standard operations.

These and other webinars are available for viewing on the YouTube platform at the link below.


Thanks to CARBOOK software, participating in webinars becomes an excellent tool to stay updated and enhance skills in managing an auto service.