Employee Work Schedules, Timekeeping

With CARBOOK, creating work schedules for employees and accurately recording actual working hours is made easy. The program allows for detailed tracking of working hours, down to each working hour.

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The window with the help of which the employee's actual working time is fixed.

One of the key features is the ability to track working hours through an employee's personal profile or by scanning a barcode. Simply scanning the barcode allows selecting the start or end of a shift or marking breaks.

Work schedule of employees - plan/fact

The CARBOOK system enables the creation of payroll rules based on actual hours worked. This ensures accurate payroll calculations in accordance with employees' actual working hours.

Window for working with cash registers, internal and fiscal operations. Opening and closing the cash register, service entry and service issue, generation of X-report.

CARBOOK offers a comprehensive set of tools for creating work schedules and precise time tracking, simplifying payroll management based on employees' real hours worked.

For more information on time tracking capabilities in CARBOOK, refer to the article on help.carbook.pro

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